In This Tutorial we will going to teach you How to Restart Network on Ubuntu 22.04. Restart Network on Ubuntu is required to apply network settings such as IP change from automatic to static DHCP.

Introduction To Restart Network

Restarting Network it should be done carefully. Do this remotely using SSH because your SSH is lost when you do networking. In some cases, you cannot start via SSH, you must connect directly to the Ubuntu machine.

Prerequisites To Restart Network on Ubuntu 22.04

– Restart Ubuntu network in command-line

– Setting up Ubuntu network via GUI

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How to Restart Network on Ubuntu 22.04

Restart network in Ubuntu using command-line. If you are using the Ubuntu server version, you are now in the terminal. But if you are using the desktop version, access the terminal using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+T in Ubuntu. There are several commands available for rebooting the network in Ubuntu. Some of the commands mentioned should also be applicable for rebooting the network in Debian and other Linux distributions.

Restarting Network Manager Service

The easiest way to restart the network is to use the command-line. It is also equivalent to the graphical way of doing it. Restarts the Network-Manager service:

sudo service network-manager restart

Now the network icon will disappear for a moment and then reappear.

Systemd Command for Managing Network

The service command is just a wrapper for this method, as well as for init.d scripts and Upstart commands. The systemctl command is much more versatile than the service. As you can see below:

sudo systemctl restart NetworkManager.service

Now the network icon will disappear again for a moment.

nmcli Tool for Managing Network

nmcli is another tool for managing networks on a Linux machine. Very powerful tool that is very useful. Many sysadmins choose it because it is easy to use. There are also two steps to this method: turning off the network and turning it on again:

sudo nmcli networking off

The network will turn off and the icon will disappear. To turn it back on, use the following command:

sudo nmcli networking on

ifup & ifdown Commands for Managing Network

The ifup & ifdown commands directly handle the network interface and change its state to one that can send and receive data. Use ifdown to shut down all network interfaces and then use ifup to turn all network interfaces back on. The combination of both of these commands is very important. This step will not make the network icon disappear on your system and you will not be able to have any kind of network connection at the same time:

sudo ifdown -a
sudo ifup -a

Now you have successfully restarted your network.

Restart Network in Ubuntu Graphically

This step is the easiest network reset for Ubuntu desktop users. If it doesn’t work, check the command-line options mentioned in the steps above.

NM-applet for Network Manager

NM-applet represents the system tray applet for NetworkManager. Use it to reboot the network. First, check the top panel. You should find the network icon in your system tray. Then click on the icon (volume or battery icon). This method opens the menu. Select the “Turn Off” option:

NM-applet for Network Manager

The network icon should disappear from the top panel, as the network has been successfully shut down. Click on your systray again to open the menu. Then select “turn on“:

NM-applet for Network Manager - Tutorial Restart Network on Ubuntu 22.04

How To Refresh available Network List

Ubuntu does not have the “Refresh Wi-Fi Networks” option and it is hidden. You need to open the settings menu again and click on “Select Network“:

How To Refresh available Network List

Currently, the list of available wireless networks is not displayed. When you open the list of networks, it takes about 5 seconds to update and display other available wireless networks:

How To Refresh available Network List


Restarting the network or connection is something that every user should know about at any point in their learning. In This article you learned How to Restart Network on Ubuntu 22.04. We hope this article was useful for you. Share your comments with us through the form below.

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