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How to Install and Use TermKit on Ubuntu

TermKit is a command-line interface replacement for Terminal. In this article, we are going to teach you How to Install and Use TermKit on Ubuntu Linux Servers.

What is TermKit?

TermKit is an open-source command-line interface and graphical replacement that is made on top of WebKit, the rendering engine used in web browsers such as Google Chrome and Chromium. The TermKit is a beautiful graphic alternative to the old Unix Terminal. TermKit was written using Node and Objective-C and developed by Steven Wittens. At first, TermKit was originally designed for Mac OSX. It should note that TermKit aims to bridge aspects of the GUI with the command-line, allowing the re-imagined terminal to see everything from icons to images, with progress bars and indicators that commands have been executed successfully, and anything that a modern web browser can display, meaning that there are even fantasy transitions and animations.

How to Install TermKit on Ubuntu

The first step is to open your Terminal using the Ctrl+Alt+T keyboard or by clicking on the Terminal icon. Then you should update your system by entering the following command:

sudo apt update

Now you need to install Chromium on your Ubuntu linux vps system by entering the following command:

sudo apt install chromium-browser

Next, enter the following command to install dependencies:

sudo apt-get install git libssl-dev

Then you need to create a directory in your home directory to install everything you need in it. In this tutorial, we call this directory TermKitProject.

cd ~
mkdir TermKitProject
cd TermKitProject
git clone
cd node

In this step, you should enter the following command to compile Node:

sudo make install
cd ..
git clone
cd npm
sudo make install

You have to wait a while for the Node to compile.

Now it’s time to install TermKit. You can install TermKit by executing the following command:

cd ..
git clone --recursive
cd TermKit/
npm install
node Node/nodekit.js

How to Use TermKit on Ubuntu

After receiving the output, you should open Chromium and go to the following URL:




That is it.


This article taught you how to install and use TermKit on Ubuntu. You can easily install TermKit command-line on your Ubuntu system by using our tutorial. I hope this article was useful for you.

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