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5 Ways to Earn Money With an RDP Server

As you know RDP gives the opportunity to access applications and files in any devices remotely over any type of connection, at any time. Actually people who sells these RDP servers are like companies or websites which sells VPS to the customers. At this article, we will introduce this server and show you 5 ways to earn money with an RDP server.

What is RDP Server?

Now let’s have a brief look on this protocol. Remote Desktop protocol or RDP is built by Microsoft company and so far, no other companies has built things like this. Microsoft created RDP to connect to systems over the network. let me explain the process by with an example:

Imagine you have a friend who is far from you or in another location and you want to access or use his/her computer, by using RDP this process will be very easy for you. this server works at a fixed port, also it offers many other features. With the help of RDP, you can share file, printer, internet and many other thing.

What are different types of RDP?

Actually we have two kinds of RDP servers which called Shared RDP and Admin RDP. So let’s analyze them together:

Shared RDP:

At this type server resources like RAM, CPU, and internet will be shared, but your account and your data will be private to you and no one can access it. Shared RDP will be shared and many other users can have access to it depends on the plan. Also you have no admin permission to install anything.

Admin RDP:

This RDP type is only for you and you can do anything you want like: changing any setting, installing software on your own, as it comes with full admin access. Actually Admin RDP is used for one user but you can add from 2 to 50 users depends on the plan’s space.

If you are looking for a good provider, there is one which is called NeuronVM to offer RDP servers for you. this site provides you with world-class RDPs from different parts of the world.

Different ways to Make Money by RDP Server

As you get familier with RDP, now we will introduce you 5 ways to show how to make money with RDP servers:

1- Using RDP Affiliate Program

The RDP affiliate program is the best way, i mean you can earn commissions by placing product banners or links on your Whatsapp/ SMS/ Social Media/ Blog and Website to refer users to the website. As the result, every time a user click on the banner or link, you get paid and make purchase on the website.

2- Using Miners on RDP to earn Cryptocurrencies

In other words, by putting miners on the RDP, you can earn cryptocurrencies. this way is a little bit complicated. Gaining Bitcoin is not possible on RDP but when it comes to altcoin, maybe if the RDP is not stolen and free …why not… there are some altcoins that are cpu/gpu minable.

3- Web Hosting or CMS Blog

Another way to earn money through RDP is web hosting or making blogs. You can make a blog or web host and also post variant and unique articles like: an offer, coupons and news. Next put some good ads and run traffic exchange. This will be definitely useful to make some money.

In other words, if you need a shared server with high configuration and while not administrator access you should choose RDP account.

4- Hosting VPN Servers

VPN servers are widely in use by system users. You can use RDP for hosting VPN servers. We should mention that using OpenVPN can get you a lot of clients and also money.

5- Making Money by selling Traffic

Selling traffic is another way to make money using a RDP. For this you should insert links to sites that need the traffic into your sites or your online products. In this way, as users click on and interact the link, the site benefits from your traffic and pay you for your service.


At this tutorial, we tried to explain RDP Servers and make you familiar with some useful ways of making money through RDP. You should know that it is not limited to these ways and you can find others if you analyze and study more. We hope you enjoy this article and can make use of it.

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