Privacy Policy of NeuronVM

NeuronVM data protection and privacy policy

  • NeuronVM believes that the principles of privacy and user information are very important and sensitive.
  • In this document, the principles of NeuronVM’s data privacy and NeuronVM’s solutions for protecting the privacy and information of NeuronVM site users are explained.
  • By registering and place order and support forms on the NeuronVM site, you provide NeuronVM
    with your private information such as name, address, email address, etc.
  • After login the NeuronVM site, you are not an unknown user and information about your use of NeuronVM services is kept. This information includes orders and transactions, services used, personal information and the like, but is not limited to these items.
  • NeuronVM collects and maintains all your transactions, including financial transactions.
  • NeuronVM automatically collects and maintains information such as your IP address, NeuronVM cookie information, and the pages you view after you enter the NeuronVM site.
  • In case a user commits a violation, he must provide KYC documents to purchase a new service from the NeuronVM site.
  • NeuronVM may store a cookie on your computer and use it on your next visits.

Edit and change personal information

  • You can change your registered information on the NeuronVM site. This information includes all the information that you have entered during NeuronVM membership.
  • You can completely opt out of NeuronVM and all its services. In this case, some of your information will be deleted from NeuronVM and some others will be archived for at least one year.
  • This information includes name, surname, email address, mobile phone number, sent messages and the like, but is not limited to the above.

Linked Sites

This site may be linked to other websites (“Linked Sites”). The linked sites are not under the control of NeuronVM and NeuronVM is not responsible for them. You should note that personal information you submit to linked sites will not be governed by NeuronVM’s privacy and we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with their privacy and security policies.

Server Resources

Any service that uses server resources (such as CPU, Memory, HDD and bandwidth or network) more than usual will be stopped and the user will be obliged to reduce the amount of service consumption from server resources to the standard level. or upgrade his service to other services according to his
consumption so that the user’s service is activated again. Depending on the conditions of the server, NeuronVM will determine the normal limits of the use of server resources in such a way that the user’s service should never disrupt the server or slow down or reduce the quality of service of other users on that server. Also, any website or service that disrupts the efficiency or speed of the server or network will be stopped until this issue is resolved. In some cases, NeuronVM does this with advance warning so that the user’s service is not stopped. However, in cases where this issue causes a disruption in the server or a decrease in the quality or speed of the service of other users on that server, NeuronVM will stop the user’s service for a necessary period of time, which can be several hours, without prior warning.

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