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Why a Dedicated Server is Essential for High-Traffic Websites

Websites need servers for all the information they provide to their users 24 hours a day. This server stores all the texts, images, and data displayed on a website. With the increase in visits and traffic of your website and due to the limitations of shared hosting and VPS server, the need for a dedicated server will become necessary. Therefore, in this post, we will explain the reasons for the importance of a dedicated server for highly visited websites.

What is a Dedicated Server?

At the beginning of the way of setting up a website, it is more likely to use shared hosting. Because the costs of renting shared hosting are much lower than the costs of renting or buying a dedicated server. But with the growth of a website and the increase in its visits or the need to increase security, the efficiency of the shared server decreases. Because the resources of a shared server are shared among several websites. But the resources of a dedicated server are dedicated to only one website. Therefore, a dedicated server will provide a more stable and reliable user experience in case of heavy traffic. You can test our dedicated servers for easy control of your website during visits and high traffic. With a cheap dedicated server from our website, you will experience the best feedback.

Dedicated Server for High-Traffic Websites

Features of Dedicated Server

The advantages of buying a dedicated server are:

  • 24/7 Uptime
  • Faster Connection Speed
  • Less risk of virus attacks
  • Automatic Maintenance
  • Dedicated to High Performance
  • Better Security
  • More Reliability
  • Custom Configuration
  • High availability and Monitoring

The Reasons for the Importance of a Dedicated Server for High-traffic Websites

Most of the websites start their work with shared hosting. But usually after some time and with the increase in visits and website traffic, they move to a dedicated server. In the following, we will introduce the reasons for the importance of a dedicated server on popular websites.

1- Increasing website traffic

Some of the greats of the digital marketing world believe that a website should be ready for 30 times more traffic than its usual daily traffic. Being prepared to handle increased traffic volume in the event of promotions, product enhancements, or other special events is critical. Otherwise, the website may crash or lead to a negative user experience (UX) resulting in financial loss.

Therefore, it is very important to switch to a dedicated server as soon as you foresee the possibility of growth and an increase in site visits. Although dedicated server costs are high, with shared hosting, the possibility of losing customers and financial losses is more.

2- Website information security

In the web world, despite all its advantages, there are also risks such as viruses, hackers, etc. On the other hand, some websites contain confidential emails, card numbers, or other sensitive customer information. So to protect customers’ privacy (like medical information), you absolutely cannot share a server with another company.

It is important to know that if one of the websites hosted on a shared server is identified as a source of spam, other neighboring websites are also at risk. Because if that website is spam or malicious, it can also open the way for viruses or other malware to spread to your website. For this reason, the use of a dedicated server is considered vital to guarantee the website’s security to some extent. Because the configuration and optimization of a dedicated server are completely based on the opinion and ideals of the website owner.

Dedicated Server is Essential for High-Traffic Websites

3- Optimizing Website Loading Time

Neighbors on a shared server have no idea where a server’s resources are being used the most. In a shared server, the bandwidth used cannot be equal, and this can lead to a decrease in the loading time of the pages of a good blog. As a result of the low interaction of users and the high bounce rate of the site, the SEO of the website is also reduced and its rank is lowered. But choosing a dedicated server ensures that you have enough bandwidth to increase your page load times.

4- Increasing Website Speed and Improving SEO

Undoubtedly, more processing resources increase the speed of the site. This increase in speed has a direct impact on improving SEO. Site speed is one of the factors that Google uses to determine the rank of the site in the search engine and to determine the position of the site.

According to experts, Google uses the “time to first byte” measure as an official site speed measurement tool. Therefore, out of a slow website and a fast website but with equal content, the fast website will rank higher in Google search results. A slow website will have a lower visitor-to-customer conversion rate and therefore less revenue generation. So that every second of the loading time is equal to a 7% less conversion rate, 11% fewer visits, and 16% less customer satisfaction. According to research, 46% of people abandon their shopping carts due to the slow speed of the website.

5- Coping with the concept of Throttling

Throttling is the intentional slowing down of online services in response to increased server traffic and demand. That is, the shared server provider can reduce the speed of a particular user or group of users. This action is usually applied due to exceeding a certain usage threshold or excessive pressure on the network. But the bandwidth (data transfer rate through a network path) on a dedicated server is specific to a website. Therefore, it will not suffer from these problems.


In all the cases mentioned above, the word control is hidden. Full control over your website server is very important. A dedicated host gives you complete control over the settings and responsibilities of your website. You can freely install any software, operating system, hardware, program, etc. you want on your server. In fact, all the configuration of the server is done by you or based on your opinions and ideals, but by a third party. Two-step authentication, strong firewalls, regular security updates, etc. are all possible through a dedicated server.

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