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Troubleshooting WampServer Problems on Windows 10

This tutorial proposes to give a complete guide for whom needs to know to troubleshoot WampServer problems on Windows 10. These problems may occur during the working process or running this server on your system. Read this article, if you have any problems on WampServer and solve them yourself.

How to Troubleshoot WampServer on Windows 10

It is possible that you will encounter problems during various stages such as the installation, startup, or working process of WampServer on Windows VPS or Windows 10. So, we will deal with some of these problems and show how to solve them in this section.

Problem 1. Why WampServer Icon Is Not Turning Green?

As you have installed WampServer, you will see the Icon in the trey. In a normal process, this icon goes red, then orange, and after that green. But it may stuck on orange. So you can not enter the MySQL console. As a result, you can not go to the phpMyAdmin site too:

wampserver icon is not green

One of the solutions is to right-click on the WampServer icon in the tray and select Restart All Services to be sure that all of the services are running in the right way:

restart the server on wamp

Another reason may be that the Apache service doesn’t start. So, click on the icon and select Apache. Then choose service administration ‘wampapache64’ and Install service:

enable apache on wamp

Then you will see the command prompt. Close it and go through the same pass to press the start/resume service. Now it will turn green.

If non of the solutions worked for you. Then, you should check the error log in the logs folder of the WampServer installation part, to find the exact problem.

Problem 2. Why WampServer is not Working Well?

One of the reasons for this problem can be insufficient system resources. These resources can be your computer’s memory, CPU, and so on. If you have enough resources then Wampserver will run smoothly. So, if your system is working slowly, it will affect your server’s performance.

Problem 3. How to Solve Port 80 problem?

If localhost/PHPMyAdmin is not accessible in the browser, it means that it is in use by another service and requires Apache to function. Apache is set on port 80. So, the solution is to change the port number instead of disabling or removing any other service. Go through this way:

Right-click on the wamp icon and select on Tools option. So, you will be able to change the port number:

tools on wampserver

– Now, choose Test Port 80 option for Apache:

test port 80 on wampserver

– Here, you will see the command prompt. It will show which program is using the port:

the used port on wamp

– Then, go to the option again and choose the Use a port other than 80 option:

use a port other than 80 - WampServer problems on windows 10

Here, enter the desired port for Apache. E.g. 8080:

changing port of wamp - WampServer problems on windows 10

In the end, test the port to confirm that Apache is using it:

test the new port in wamp - WampServer problems on windows 10

Problem 4. Why the WampServer Is Blocked?

There may be a verification problem with the firewall section. A firewall or antivirus may block WampServer for security issues. So, you should disable them for a short period and see if your problem is solved. If the problem is with the firewall, then add rules and exceptions to let the WampServer through the firewall or antivirus.


Here, we tried to focus on some common Wampserver problems on Windows 10. Also, we analyzed the issues and give some solutions for these problems. So, it can be a helpful guide for you. If you encounter any other issues or have any questions about WampServer, please share in a comment.

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