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Top 10 ways To Earn Bitcoin

Nowadays Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are getting really popular and everyone is trying to figure out how to earn money of these digital currencies. So, in this article we decided to analyze Bitcoin as the most famous cryptocurrency in the world and introduce Top 10 ways to Earn Bitcoin. But first let’s clarify why you should focus on this issue.

Is It Worth to Spend Time On Earning Bitcoin?

If you want to know how much it worth to focus on Bitcoin and making money of this way, you should know how much it is useful and effect your real life standards. Well, I should mention that a hundred percent, earning Bitcoin have benefits in your life and you can make good money of that. Through introducing a decentralized, fast and secure medium exchange, Bitcoin has been changed the financial ecosystem.

Best Ways To Earn Bitcoin

Bitcoin is an attractive way to make money and in this section we will analyze useful ways to earn Bitcoin. So let’s see what are these methods:

1. Trading Bitcoin

One of the most popular ways on this way is trading Bitcoin. If you are a risk taker and are good at analyzing trading charts, this option is right for you. Now you should be the cryptocurrency trader and as soon as you see the best profit, trade your Bitcoin and make money.

If you are a cautious person, daily trading and arbitrage opportunities will be created for you. Arbitrage is the act of buying an asset in a lower price and selling it on another platform while making a bank profit. We should mention that your profit in Bitcoin trading depends entirely on your skill in analyzing charts and reading market news.

2. Buying Bitcoin

Buying Bitcoin is a suitable method for beginners since it’s easy. Actually you can do this work using two ways:

You can buy your first Bitcoin through different marketplaces and from real people without paying any extra fees by using 450 payment methods like: bank transfer, e-wallets, gift cards and so on to reach Bitcoin.

Another way to buy Bitcoin is through buying it from centralized exchanges. This way is easier for you but using this methods entails additional costs.

3. Investing In Bitcoin

Investing in Bitcoin is another way to earn money. If you believe that it’s a good way and will have price increase for you should choose this way. It’s better to know that HOLD is a phrase using for long-term investment in Bitcoin, means hold on for dears life. But be careful, it should not be tied with your fantasy expectations. You should know the right time for your investment. If you decide in long-term investment so it’s better to keep your Bitcoins in a hard wallet.

You can also invest on startups, companies and blockchains developments. If you get it right, you will get in wealth. The negative point of investing is that you have to move between different exchange to find the right investment opportunity.

4. Mining

In mining process your task is to add new blocks to the Bitcoin blockchain network and solving cryptographic puzzles. If you have enough technical acknowledge about mining, it is valuable way to earn Bitcoin. In the initial stage of mining, the ones who got to this business earned huge fortunes of this revelations. One way of mining is cloud mining which involve services to rent mining equipments for other miners so that they can mine for you.

5. Lending Bitcoin

At previous sections, we showed you some ways to earn bitcoin, at this part you will learn to lend bitcoin and make money. Holding Bitcoin has no income for you, so you can lend it to other people. You can trust your bitcoin with a credible lending platforms. These platforms offer interests off up to 15%. So be a smart earner and earn some extra money.

6. Selling Bitcoin

One profitable way to earn money from Bitcoin is selling. A common way to do this, is through using a wallet. So get setup to sell bitcoin in minuets and follow the instructions below:

– You can download a wallet according to your interest.

– Then connect your bank account.

– Tap the sell button and follow the instruction.

So you can sell your Bitcoin into your local currency. However, you should know that selling bitcoin depending on payment method and platform you use, contains fees.

We have different other ways to sell bitcoin include: use an exchange service, sell it on your website, sell it on cryptocurrency exchange and sell Bitcoin peer-to-peer.

7. Find Jobs That Pay In Bitcoin

Nowadays Bitcoin has become an integral part of business and opens the doors to many earning opportunities like: full-time jobs that pay full and part-time salaries in Bitcoin. Also There are freelance gigs that let you earn Bitcoin.

8. Use Bitcoin Payments In Your Store and Business

If you have a your own business and selling products and you are interested in earning Bitcoin, why not accept it as payment. By the growth of Bitcoin technology and the demands of people, many business owners have begun to accept Bitcoin payments.

Actually accepting bitcoin as a payment may not only make transaction easier but also makes it easy and accessible for people who don’t have access to bank accounts and credit cards.

9. Reward Programs

With the expansion of digital currencies, such as bitcoin, exchange and markets have created reward programs in which you can earn Bitcoin just by bringing in users to the platform. Each platform has a unique reward program, so make sure to analyze each program from different company. This will help you know which one will help you earn the most.

10. More Followers, Tips and Earn Bitcoin

Do you have any acknowledge to share and get a sweet reward? Well, we have an example on Twitter for that. Twitter Recently integrated a tipping tool in it’s platform, allowing you to earn Bitcoin from your followers. That is, you can increase your tweets to earn more followers and get tips.

Also, if you are into streaming video games, you can collect tips from the followers who liked your content. Some streaming platforms like Twitch have integrated Bitcoin-tipping services which is beneficial for you.


In this tutorial we tried to introduce you 10 ways to earn Bitcoin. This field is growing and gives you more opportunities to benefit. All you have to do is, to look hard and try, so this will lead you to big earnings. If you have any other idea about this issue let me know. Good luck!

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