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Top 10 Benefits of Using MariaDB for Your Database

The database is one of the main and most important elements that every software element needs to work. A website, a simple mobile application, an operating system, or an accounting application that is supposed to work with specific data, content, or information needs a database to store this information in a systematic classification for use in the application. MariaDB is one of these databases that we are going to fully review in this article and tell you the Top 10 Benefits of Using MariaDB for Your Database.

What is MariaDB?

MariaDB is a professional database that can fully cover your database needs. Many big names in the world of software and the internet have changed their process and addressed the users of this robust database. MariaDB is a well-rooted database that has evolved from one of the most powerful databases out there.

what is mariadb - Benefits of Using MariaDB

This database started its work in early 2008. Compared to other database programs and platforms that exist, MariaDB can be considered a new program. Of course, other platforms have been presented after this platform and have made good progress, but MariaDB, using MYSQL foundations, was able to make good progress and gain the attention of many programmers. We suggest you visit the Linux VPS server plans provided on our website and don’t miss the exceptional opportunity to have a powerful and high-speed server.

Top 10 Advantages of MariaDB for Database

1) Security measures

Security is a major concern for any website owner. Hacking attempts are increasing every year and a breach can have serious consequences. Consequently, it is important to ensure that your database management software is properly secured.

MariaDB security measures include:

  • Built-in security checks and passwords
  • PAM and LDAP authentication
  • User role
  • Database encryption

Another unique point of MariaDB is its RBAC role-based access control. This feature has been introduced since version 10.0.5 and makes access management easier.

2) Fast and Efficient Performance

The performance of your site is very important. Especially when the site’s loading speed drops. For example, most users expect a website to load in less than two seconds. Failure to achieve this time can lead to an increase in the bounce rate.

MariaDB considers engine-independent table statistics when optimizing queries. The MariaDB-based website also offers a range of useful resources on how to further optimize performance, as well as performance strategies, for various data representations. This includes system variables, buffers, stores, threads, performance improvements in database type, and encryption technology. This means that MariaDB is much less likely to negatively impact your site’s page speed.

3) Proper Support

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, there will likely be times when you need extra support. Those licensed to dedicated MySQL products have access to Oracle Premier Support, which provides 24/7 assistance. MariaDB support is the same but has some additional features, such as a guaranteed response within 30 minutes! The continued use of this platform by these companies can be another reason for the importance of using MariaDB.

4) Storage Engines

Storage engines have been well developed in MariaDB and can provide new features to users. XtraDB and Aria can be mentioned among the mentioned storage engines.

5) Database Views

One of the main things that has been optimized is database views. A database view shows the information that will be provided to the user in the form of a virtual table based on the user’s request from the database. This virtual table can have related columns, each of which is in a separate table. Likewise, it may also collect different records and provide the user with a query answer at once.

mariadb for your database server

6) Virtual Columns

Virtual columns can consider one of the great innovations for MariaDB, which greatly reduced the computational load of various programs. At the end of the tables of this database, a virtual column that does not belong to the database and is located in software and virtual form is created. This column will be able to perform mathematical operations and formulas that are requested from it on different rows of the application table and save it.

With this, it is no longer necessary to extract information from the tables in the program source and perform calculations on them. The program simply accesses that column and reads the necessary calculated information from it. If the calculation is done in the program, the system resources are consumed, and the execution time increases. This makes the database a little bigger, but the system resources are used more optimally.

7) Column Store

Columnar storage is one of the features built into MariaDB. By using this possibility, you can store the desired data in column form. This is in stark contrast to previous methods where data was stored in rows. In row storage, a lot of volume and time was spent due to the different data of each column. But this work has made it possible to use compressions and different techniques to increase the speed, and it can be very useful for big data as well as in the topic of Big Data.

8) MyRocks Support

MyRocks offers a database system (RockDB), which can considering the best in data compression. By using the MyRocks engine, you will have the ability to take advantage of the compression features of this database. It is also possible to move data between these two databases and change the basis of your database without making any changes.

9) Thread Pooling

Thread Pooling was created exclusively for MariaDB. This feature completely revolutionized the way databases work, allowing each access to the database to have a thread. This feature gives the database a special account that handles data requests with pooling software techniques. In this technique, a section named Pool is created, which acts like a list, and all requests are placed in it. Then the database elements manage and respond to these requests with different and sometimes multiple threads.

With this, your database will be able to respond to queries and requests for information faster. This feature provided by MariaDB has been expanding and many databases are leaning towards it.

10) Implementation and Authorization

This software runs on Windows, Linux, and macOS operating systems. It is available on Intel and IBM Power8 hardware platforms and runs as a service on multiple cloud platforms. Supported programming languages include C++, C#, Java, Python, and others. MariaDB Galera’s Linux-based cluster implementation has also been developed to provide a concurrent multi-master cluster option for MariaDB users. However, the API that connects the database to Galera Cluster, another open-source technology, starts in MariaDB by default, eliminating the need to load a separate cluster.


MariaDB is one of the reliable platforms that has proven itself in practice according to the comments and reviews we have done. Perhaps these introduced benefits are so tempting that you have thought of building your site’s database or the application you are planning to build on MariaDB and use it.


What is the solution for the MariaDB server not accepting connections from other hosts or networks?

To fix this problem, you need to configure the server to allow remote access, give privileges to the remote user, and check the firewall settings.

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