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The Role of DNS Servers in Website Performance and Speed

You probably heard about Domain Name Servers (DNS) before. DNS servers are used to translate human-readable domain names to machine IP addresses. Using DNS you don’t need to insert long numbers when you are going to enter a website. Instead, you can use domain names like and be directed straight to your destination website. Now, this article considers analyzing the role of DNS servers in website performance and speed, so keep reading to get more.

What is DNS Server?

DNS works like a kind of internet phone book and is an identifier for your website. This means that users can quickly access their desired online information and website through a domain name like The role of DNS is to translate domain names to IP addresses so that browsers can load Internet resources correctly. A unique IP address is allocated to every device connected to the internet and is the identification of the device. We recommend you use the cheap dedicated server plans offered on our website to set up your own DNS server.

Explanation of IP Address

An IP address is a set of numbers that characterize devices connected to the Internet. All internet devices from smartphones to tablets and routers have a dedicated IP. These IP addresses allow computers to communicate with other computers. The structure of the IP address can be expressed with an example: is an example of an IP address. This code contains information about your computer’s location and provider information.

The Effect of DNS Servers on the Speed and Performance of the Website

DNS servers affect your website in various aspects. If we want to mention two of them, we can mention the speed and performance of the website.

The Role of DNS Servers on Website Speed

DNS is not directly related to your internet speed, but since it causes identification and direct connection with the target website, it can affect the speed of displaying a web page on your computer. Also, modifying the router’s DNS servers can help improve your overall speed. There are many programs and machines available to help you find the best server for your router.

One of the most effective tools for finding IP addresses is DNS Lookup. The process is that the browser must first find the appropriate IP address to display the relevant website. For example, if you type the domain name and press enter, it will operate to find the IP address associated with the domain name and connect to the website:

The Role of DNS Servers on Website Speed

DNS servers are provided in different types such as recursive DNS servers, TLD name servers, Root DNS servers, and authoritative DNS servers. These servers work together to fix domain names into IP addresses.

Ways to Decrease the Effect of DNS Servers on Website Speed

DNS servers are responsible for domain name resolution and the speed of this process affects the loading time, so to speed up this task you can choose a reliable high-performing authoritative DNS server provider. These servers are the only type of server that you have the option to go with your preferred provider. But the root and TLD servers do not give you this possibility. So, to increase the speed of website DNS resolution, you should choose a reliable and fast authoritative server provider. Note that a valid DNS Server provider is different from a web hosting provider. In web hosting, you store the contents or data of your website, but in DNS hosting, domain DNS records are stored.

Another way to reduce the effect of DNS servers is to use DNS cache. Of course, if the IP is already stored, the effect of the DNS servers will not matter, because the browser does not have to wait for the IP address to be delivered by the valid server. So always go with a reliable server to ensure fast DNS resolution speed. Of course, if the IP is already stored, the effect of the DNS servers will not matter, because the browser does not have to wait for the IP address to be delivered by the valid server. So always go with a reliable authoritative server to ensure fast DNS resolution speed.

In using authoritative DNS servers, you can use different providers. But this choice will be different according to your circumstances. For example, if convenience is important to you and you don’t want to deal with record keeping, you can use your web hosting provider. But if you focus on DNS resolution speed, Cloudflare will be a good choice.

The Role of DNS Server on Website Performance

Regarding the performance of the website, suppose you have a website that works slowly, and you have no idea about the reason because the hardware and CPU configuration of the system is suitable and you have high-speed RAM. Also, all code and programs are optimized but website pages still take time to load.

After a lot of searching and debugging, you realize that the problem is with the website’s TTFP. Another reason for this problem can be your DNS resolution time, i.e. it takes time to convert the domain name to IP address. During the process of website performance testing, your business may suffer and a lot of time will be spent to find the reason for this slowness. So we must know what the domain name system is and what its role is:

The Role of DNS Server on Website Performance

DNS servers in website performance

Important Factors to Improve Website Performance

Here are some factors to consider if you want to improve your website performance:

Not using low TTL

A shorter TTL makes the user’s machine request again for the domain faster. You can use the high TTLs to make sure that the information is stored locally in the DNS ISP and the user’s computer and affects multiple users.

Backup plan

It is good to have a backup plan, even if you use a big DNS management company.

Unreliable Registered

If you want to build the next page with 100K hits in a second, you have to be sure that your DNS server can handle the load or assign your NS record to anyone with reliability.


You need to make sure of the capacity of your servers because if you want to receive a lot of requests, you need to have a lot of capacity or let someone else handle your DNS.


DNS is an important issue in the field of websites. These servers have an important role in identifying websites and as told before they act as a phonebook. This article tried to focus on DNS servers and their impact on the website’s performance and speed. Also, we tried to analyze each of them and explain how they can affect the website. We hope you enjoy this article.


Are DNS servers effective in search speed?

You can improve internet search speed by changing your DNS to something other than what your ISP Provides.

What is the way of increasing web performance using DNS?

By caching the A records or IP addresses they receive from DNS queries for a set amount of time.

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