WAMP stands for Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP, and Perl. As the name implies, it provides a platform for you to install and run all of the above services on the Windows operating system at once without the need for additional settings. At the same time, you have a simple user interface. Using WAMP to install, test, program, and run open-source web applications on the RDP or Windows operating system is recommended for PHP and Perl programmers who are unable to work with the Linux operating system itself. In this article, we want to teach you about Tutorial Setup Wamp on Windows Server 2019.

Introducing Wamp Server

Wamp Server is a PHP and MySQL server emulator that is a great help in website design so that web developers can perform their tests on localhost. In the past, there were many problems in website design, but the biggest one was not just programming and website design. There was a bigger problem that a programmer always faced! Where should I test my site? Do I have to rent a host or server?

Wamp Server was built so that web developers could test the design of a website in a server emulator. This operation on a Localhost is a local server inside the programmer’s personal computer. In the next section, we will introduce some of the benefits of the Wamp Server.

Advantages of Wamp Server

1. Installation and activation

Wamp Server is installed with a few simple clicks and has all the items needed to run a website. It also runs simply as a local host and is a very advanced server emulator.

2. Being free

One of the biggest advantages of Wamp Server or just because it is so popular is that it is free. Because it is made for testing and should help programmers to test their work at any time. While other servers have very different costs, it is very expensive for a programmer to pay for a simple test.

3. Availability

Every time you perform operations and in any part of website design, sometimes you have to go to the host to solve some problems. Hosting was very difficult for programmers to access. This difficulty means they were wasting time. By installing Wamp Server, you can easily enter localhost. Due to the local hosting, the personal computer system has a high speed and makes testing more enjoyable. You go directly to the drive where the Wamp Server is installed and directly manage folders, files, and code.

4. Security

Since you want to test and the design of the website is not yet complete and needs to be tested, if this is done on the host, the possibility of penetration increases. Literally, if your site address is leaked, you will be easily hacked! This is where Wamp Server comes in handy for programmers. Test and work on your personal system without the need for the Internet.

5. Accepts all CMS

Wamp server is installed without any problems and has a very high speed and is a strong environment and a suitable platform for all CMS. You can easily change the PHP version to content management or provide a suitable platform for your CMS with professional settings.

How to Install Wamp on Windows Server 2019

You must first visit the WAMP Server website. An important point to keep in mind before choosing a program is that this program is available in two versions, 32-bit and 64-bit, and you must choose the correct version according to your system. Select the version you want from the downloads section and download it.


how to download wamp server on windows server 2019


A window will appear in which you must click on “you can download it directly” as shown below.


downloading wamp on windows server


Double-click the downloaded file. Then select the language you want and click Ok.


How to install Wampserver on windows server 2019


In the next step, which is to confirm the license agreement, you must check I accept the agreement and click Next.


wamp server license agreement


Click Next again.


install wamp on windows rdp 2019


Specify the location where you want the wamp to be installed using Browse and click Next.


How to install Wampserver on windows server 2019


In the next step, you need to specify the folder of the Wamp start menu. Then click Next.


wamp server on windows server 2019


Everything is ready to install the wamp. Click Install to begin the installation.


How to install Wampserver on windows server 2019


After filling the green bar, which means the installation is complete, a window similar to the one below will appear, in which you must click Next.


tutorial install wamp on rdp 2019


Finally, by clicking on the Finish, the installation of Wamp on Windows Server 2019 will be completed.


how to run wamp server


How to Setup Wamp on Windows Server 2019

You can now open WampServer by double-clicking the Wamperver shortcut icon on your desktop. You can also launch it via the Start menu. After starting WamServer, you can see the green icon in the taskbar as you can see in the image. It will be red first, then yellow, and then green. When it turns green, it means that all services are running now.

Otherwise, if you have a problem with WampServer staying yellow or WampServer not turning green and wondering why WampServer is not working? The answer is that WampServer can not run services properly on the operating system and the program is not fully launched. Most of these issues can be easily resolved by installing the latest version of the program prerequisites mentioned above.


WampServer on windows server 2019


Now to make sure the program is working properly, you need to open the notepad ++ editor and test a code in it. Save the application to a folder. Then open a browser and type the address of the path stored in the browser after the phrase localhost/PHP. If the wamp is installed properly, you will see the result of the desired code. You can also use professional environments for your coding.


In today’s world, almost every known software has the ability to run and support the web. Since many programs cannot be run or supported in environments such as Windows, the wamp program is the most useful tool for using localhost and using programs in different languages in this environment. This article taught you how to install and setup Wamp on Windows Server 2019.