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How to Setup Virtualbox on RDP 2016

[Updated] VirtualBox is part of software released by Oracle. Using this software, operating systems are installed on virtual computers. In this case, the performance of the operating system is the same as when it is installed on real hardware. There are also many applications for virtual machines. One of the best and safest ways to virtualize is to install VirtualBox. This software provides users with another operating system on the computer without causing any problems. It should also note that VirtualBox is free for home users. Because of the importance of this topic, How to Setup Virtualbox on RDP 2016 will be taught.

Introduction to Virtualbox and its features

This software is available on a wide range of platforms and its capabilities are the same on each of these platforms. VirtualBox uses the same file and image format for all virtual machines on all platforms. Therefore, a virtual machine built on one platform can easily transferring to another platform. In addition, VirtualBox supports the File Format (OVF: Open Virtualization Format), which allows us to import and export virtual machines. VirtualBox can used on a CPU that does not support hardware virtualization operations. This software is installing inside the Guest OS and provides us with advanced capabilities such as shared folders, integrated windows, and 3D virtualization. VirtualBox allows you to build a group of virtual machines and display them all as a single entity. Different operations such as start, stop, pause, restart and others can perform on this group. VirtualBox allows us to create Snapshot from Guest OS. This will record the current state of the Guest OS and save it to disk. Reversing the previous configuration will also be a benefit of this feature.

How to Install Virtualbox on RDP 2016

At first, You should go to the Virtualbox website and click Windows Hosts.

how to download virtualbox

After the download is complete, you must go to the downloads folder and double-click on Virtualbox Installer.

In the next step, you will see the following window, click Next.

installing virtualbox on windows rdp

The next step is to customize the installation. As you can see, VirtualBox Application is selecting by default. Click Next to continue the installation process.

custom setup in installing virtualbox

In the next step, check your preferred options for displaying VirtualBox and click Next.

virtualbox installing progress

In the window that opens, click Yes.

virtualbox warning message

Click Install to begin installing VirtualBox.

how to install virtualbox on rdp 2016

Finally, click Finish to complete the VirtualBox installation.

install oracle virtualbox on windows server 2016

Tutorial Setup and Use Virtualbox on RDP 2016

After you have successfully installed VirtualBox on Admin RDP 2016 in the previous section, you will see the VirtualBox homepage. Note that no virtual machines have been created yet. Therefore, it must be constructed. In this tutorial, we are going to look at how to use VirtualBox to run Windows 10 on a virtual machine.

In the first stage, you must open the Virtualbox and click on the “New” button.

how to use virtualbox

Remember to choose a name for the VM. You should select “Microsoft Windows” on the first scroll menu, and then select “Windows 10” from the version box. Click on Next to continue.

install windows 10 on virtualbox

On the screen below, configure the amount of RAM that the virtual machine allows to use. If you have a surplus or limited RAM, adjusting the slider is fine. Note that if you allocate too much RAM, you will end up with serious performance problems. Then click Next.

virtualbox setting to instsll os

In the window that opens, select “Create a virtual hard disk now” and then click on Create.

virtualbox setting to instsll os

In this window, click ”VDI (VirtualBox Disk Image)” and then select Next.

hard disk file type on virtualbox

You should set the disk space for your hard drive. You can select a Dynamically allocated or a fixed size. After selecting one of them, click on Next.

Note: If you want to save disk space, select the dedicated option Dynamically.

storage types in installing windows 10 on virtualbox

You can change the location of the drive as well as its size, At the final virtual hard disk screen. After clicking the “Create” button, you should be able to see your created VM.

virtualbox environment


VirtualBox is a virtual machine build software that helps you build a virtual server on your operating system without having to buy new hardware. You can also install any other operating system on it so that they do not interfere with each other. In this article, we introduced Virtualbox and described its features. We also explained how to install and Setup VirtualBox on RDP 2016 step by step.

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