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Tutorial Setup Java on Ubuntu 21.04

The Java Programming Language was developed on May 23, 1995, by James Gosling. It has been the world’s first or second most widely used programming language since 2001, according to Tiobe. The Java name is derived from the Just Another Vague Acronym. Java is available for free and can be considered one of the most efficient high-level programming languages. This article will explain how to setup Java on Ubuntu 21.04 and familiarize you with some essential features.

Introduction to Java

Java is a computer programming language by which programmers can program without having to write numerical code and by writing English commands and you can use it on different applications of VPS and dedicated servers. It is a high-level language because humans can easily read and write. It is also an object-oriented programming language similar to C and C ++ languages, but much more convenient. At first, it was only intended for mobile devices, but its use has multiplied with the development of the Internet and the web for web browsers and website programming. Let me make this brief point, it was supposed to be called OAK, but later changed its name to Java, and the logo of this programming language was due to the interest of its development team in coffee.

what is Java

Java Features

Here are some Java features:

– Applications written by Java provide the ability to connect to a network.

– Java has good security.

– Java is powerful and object-oriented.

– The applet offers flexibility.

How to Setup Java on Ubuntu 21.04

The first step is to check your Ubuntu version using the following command:

lsb_release -a

You can now look at the available JDK options by running the following command in the Ubuntu terminal:

sudo apt search openjdk

Now you can install the recent version by running the following command:

sudo apt install openjdk-15-jdk

Note: You have to accept the download by pressing “y” and wait a few seconds for the Java installation to complete.

Enter the following command to make sure Java is installed on the Ubuntu system:

java –-version


Java is an object-oriented programming language. It should be noted that the object-oriented model in Java is easier than C++. We tried to analyze this popular programming language and give a clear understanding for you. We provided this content to teach how you can install and setup Java and introduce some features. Java is one of the main languages in programming and it is recommended that you learn more about that.

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