In this article, we are going to Introducing Geo Mashup WordPress plugin. This plugin allows you to save location information with posts, pages, and other WordPress objects. Then they can be presented in various ways on interactive maps. Check out our Linux VPS server plans to run your own WordPress website.

What is the Geo Mashup WordPress Plugin?

Geo Mashup turns WordPress into a GeoCMS. This plugin prioritizes personalization options over ease of use. User-requested features have been added over the years. You can save location information in pages and posts with the help of the Geo Mashup WordPress plugin and then present them in interesting ways in maps, or Access other map providers such as OpenStreet and Leaflet. Also, you can filter world maps by category, custom category, or custom posts types.

geo mashup wordpress plugin

Additionally, you can display the distance between the start and the searched location using the Geosearch widget. You can place the markers in clusters to give a neat appearance and connect the markers on the handle with a colored line. By clicking on a place, you get the address, which is possible with reverse coding. Geo RSS is automatically added to feeds.

Geo Mashup WordPress Plugin Features

The main features of this plugin are:

1. Use different map providers such as Google Maps v3, OpenLayers, Leaflet

2. Add GeoRSS automatically to feeds

3. Posts can be presented in a variety of ways by Global maps. Clicking the post marker displays a customizable summary of the post or page in an info window. Only one category, custom category term, or custom post type is shown.

4. Connect KML files to posts and pages

5. Geo search enables searching for content by distance from the search location

6. Reverse geocoding to fill in the location address information

7. Save locations for all post types users and comments

8. Synchronize Geodata with the Geolocation mobile client and other plugins

9. Support for both standard WordPress shortcodes and template tags  to add maps to your site

10. Connect category markers with a colored line

11. Markers clusters for Google Maps

The Usage of Geo Mashup WordPress Plugin

Geo Mashup combines WordPress, Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, and GeoNames to create a GeoCMS. Geo Mashup lets you save more location information with posts and pages. You should have a Google Maps API key to use Geo Mashup.

You can enjoy the simple interface for basic features and good templates. This plugin can identify where your users are and use the information obtained to find the content they need.

You can go to the WordPress Plugins page or use the Geo Mashup Google Code project to download Geo Mashup WordPress plugin. Note that this plugin requires WordPress version 2.8 or higher.   

How to Use the Geo Mashup WordPress plugin

WordPress post editor adds Location area. You should click on “Find Location” and then type the name of the place you want to search.

You must give a name on the map and save the location. To display your WordPress page layout, you should add the following text to the content area:


Also, you can add the following optional parameters:



This article introduced you to the Geo Mashup WordPress plugin and listed its features. The continuation of this article taught you how to use the Geo Mashup WordPress plugin. I hope this article has guided you enough.

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