In this article, we are going to Introducing Digital Marketing Tools. Digital Marketing Tools is one of the key factors in the success of a digital marketer. In fact, you can never succeed in this market if you are not familiar with the tools or do not use them. Nowadays, the number of Internet users has increased and all companies have realized that in order to be successful, they should be active on the Internet and use its space to attract new customers and introduce their products and services, and to do this, they have to use digital marketing techniques. We suggest you visit the plans offered on the NeuronVM website to buy a Linux VPS server.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing Tools are great for connecting with people at the time through the right place. That means you should meet them and connect them to where they spend their most important time and money. Companies use digital channels such as social media, email marketing, search engines, SEO and other websites to communicate with people or based on customer behavior.

Digital Marketing is any type of marketing of products and services that includes electronic devices and is implemented on these devices. Accordingly, digital marketing can be implemented both online and offline. Also, Digital Marketing is a set of activities that are done to promote products and services using digital tools. In fact, all activities that are done to promote products, services, brands and customer behavior on the Internet are considered digital marketing. Unlike traditional marketing, customers are most important in digital marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

Types of Digital Marketing Tools

1. Data Analysis

2. SEO

3. Google Tools

4. Videos

5. Search for keywords

6. Advertisement

7. Use social media for marketing

8. E-mail Marketing

9. Push Notifications

Digital Marketing Tools Features

1. Quick and easy access to the target audience: Knowing the audience and their needs is one of the most important steps in marketing. Then you have to prepare the message according to the wishes and needs of the audience and finally deliver the message to the audience. Digital marketing helps you reach your audience more easily and deliver your messages in the best possible way with the tools it provides.

2. Provide measurement tools: After running various digital marketing campaigns, with the help of accurate tools, you can measure the success of the campaign. Previously, accurate measurement was difficult.

3. Has a lower cost: Compared to traditional methods, the cost of digital marketing tools is much lower.

4. Various advertising facilities: The variety of advertising possibilities of digital marketing tools is huge and the message can be delivered effectively to any group of audience.

5. Ability to improve the system in a short time: Improving digital marketing tools is very simple and therefore can be improved and upgraded as soon as the strategy changes.

What are the top Digital Marketing Tools

In the continuation of this article, we are going to introduce you 8 of the best Digital Marketing Tools.

Social Media 

Social Media is a set of communications, interactions and collaborations. Applications and websites will be dedicated to social media blogging. This technique drives traffic, supports understanding your brand and content on social media channels, and generates directions for your company. Important Digital Marketing Tools of Social Media includes:

1. Google Plus

Google Plus is one of the most popular networks managed by Google. You should first sign up for a Google account. When you first sign up, some groups including friends and colleagues have been set up by Google. You can also share images and links with your friends and relatives.

2. Facebook 

Facebook is one of the most popular and top levels of social networking. By creating your Facebook profile, you can connect with your friends and family, and the important thing is that you can share and upload photos and videos with your friends, family and colleagues with just one click.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is specifically designed for business uses. This site allows registered members to setup and document networks that are aware of trusted networks.

4. Instagram

There are a lot of influencers on Instagram with a lot of supporters. You can become an important brand on Instagram with the right strategy. Note that you need to post the correct data type as well as add fresh data to keep it applicable to the present supporters. It should note that you can bring more visitors to your platform by doing these tips.

You need to change your account to a trading account and get an interactive brand hashtag. You can use some free Instagram tools and Instagram stories to advertise your business and attract customers. Also, be sure to post at the right time.

5. Twitter

Twitter is free for registered members and has the most powerful tweets in the world. It is a microblogging service where you can follow any registered Twitter member to view their tweets using multiple platforms.


SEO is one of the best parts of digital marketing tools and techniques for getting traffic to a website. It should note that SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is how you can rank your website in search engine scores and thus improve your organic traffic percentage. Use the following methods to approach SEO:

1. ON page SEO

To answer reader questions, you can search for keywords for your search volume and greater on the SERPs and get search results pages.

2. OFF Page SEO

OFF Page SEO optimizes your website. Managing backlinks eliminates the number of publishers you know. You can network with other editors, write your articles on these websites, connect them to your website and give external attention, get backlinks that you want to transfer your website up to the right SERPs.

3. Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the most important SEO ranking factor that focuses on the inside of the website and how to build a website. Note that Technical SEO means compressing the image structure of the website and optimizing the CSS file.

There are many digital marketing tools on the market for SEO. SEO tools include:

– Yoast SEO is the best plugin for those who use WordPress. Yoast SEO can be used to optimize content, meta tags, keyword density, SEO titles and more.

– Google Analytics is a website analysis tool that provides an overview of website traffic. This tool is using to analyze your website. Google Analytics provides information about the website and detects any technical issues using the search console.

– Keywordtool.IO is a keyword analysis tool. Keywordtool.IO increases the search volume of keywords on the web such as Google, Amazon, Youtube, Bing, Play Store, Instagram, Twitter and eBay.

– Ahrefs’ Backlink checker is using to get backlinks for your web pages. It also shows DR, which means domain ranking and UR, which means URL ranking.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a very effective type of marketing, this method of marketing is a process in which an affiliate company receives a commission for marketing the products of another person or company and selling them. The company finds the product that can market for, then advertises the product and receives a commission on each sale as a commission.

Affiliate Marketing can be done through links between the websites of the two companies offering the product and the marketing company, this is a popular tactic to increase sales and generate significant online revenue.

Pay Per Click

Pay per click stands for PPC. PPC is a type of online advertising and internet marketing support that pays for a wide variety of websites, including search engines, where advertisers only pay if the user clicks on the ad. PPC is a cost-effective solution to attract the target audience to your site while other internet marketing strategies to get a natural ranking will gradually help your site. There are three types of marketing ads PPC:

Shopping Ads

A shopping ad is provided by a search engine or shopping engine after submitting a request. Shopping ads usually contain a picture of the item, its price and any specifications such as size, color, dimensions and so on.

Text Ads

The content is written by the site owner and the format and character depend on the PPC platform you are working on. When consumers search for a keyword in your PPC campaign on Google or Bing, text ads often start through the search network.

Display Ads

Ads that are in the form of images or GIFs. PPC platforms that offer display ads are often sized and advertisers should meet content requirements when creating their visual creativity.

Landing Page Tools

Landing Page is a page where the user finds the content they want on your site without any search, in other words, draws the user’s attention to the content they want to enter your site. The Lead pages tool helps to create a user-friendly landing page. It will offer lead magnets, collects email addresses, and integrate your email automation software with your pages. Click-Funnels creates landing page levels for collecting email addresses.

Optimize-press is designing to produce pages that look and feel comparable to your WordPress website. You can edit your landing pages in real-time with loads of templates and customizable components to get your content up quickly.

Email Automation Tools

Email Marketing is one of the most important digital marketing tools so it should still be given special attention. The most important feature of email marketing automation is sending the right email to the right person at the right time.

– Active-Campaign is an all-in-one packet platform for your CRM software for email marketing, marketing automation and sales. You can connect with your contacts through welcome posts, trigger campaigns, follow-up sales and more with Active-Campaign.

– Omniscient is a marketing tool for E-commerce. You can communicate with customers via email, SMS, Web Push or Facebook Messenger.

– Hatch-buck helps automate the communication between lead generation and customers. Hatchback’s CRM is for small companies and allows you to see their activities in real-time and trigger hot leads when they are ready to purchase.

– HubSpot Sales helps you to see who opens your messages and when with HubSpot Sales. Hubspot Sales also pulls up professional backgrounds, business data, and recent tweets of the contact, and even lets you schedule messages to be sent later.

Visual Design Tools

1. Canva

Canva helps you to create beautiful photos using Drag and Drop technology and then choose one of its patterns and combine your photo with it. Also, you can use Canva to design a custom logo for your business and always have your own colors, fonts and logos available.

2. Animoto

Animoto is a very useful tool that allows you to make short clips or videos and take an effective step in the field of video marketing. Also you can create custom text and special visual effects with the help of Animoto tools. Simply select a template and then add your media and publish it to share your video on social media.

3. Design Wizard

Design Wizard is a graphic design tool that allows you to customize an image or video in seconds. This tool has more than 1 million high-quality Photos with tens of thousands of movie and image templates in its library. You can also use this tool to resize an image when creating a design.

4. FreePik

FreePik is free and has a collection of images. It should note that FreePik resources have their own copyright. FreePik gives you millions of photos, icons, pictures and more.

Content Curation Tool

– Feedly lets you collect all of your favorite blogs in one location, allowing you to quickly navigate through them. Feedly lets you explore the most popular stocks for social media sharing.

– Buffer is a very powerful tool for managing social networks. This tool has the power to send a specific post to multiple channels at the same time. Buffer helps you to share anything you read. Chrome has links to your device, you need to download its extension or application.

– lets you customize your links on social media pages with themes, colors, logos and more, and it’s definitely a great way to increase your customer base.


With the growth of digital marketing, the desire of people to use online methods for marketing is increasing day by day, and the need for useful and practical tools in this field is felt more than before. In this article, we tried to introduce Digital Marketing Tools to you.

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