The X virtual framebuffer, abbreviated as Xvfb, is part of the Unix/Linux operating system. This device connects to an input device and allows you to run graphics applications without the need to use a display. Because virtual memory is used to perform graphical tasks, the program may run silently. In this article, we are going to teach you How to Install Xvfb on Ubuntu 20.04 step by step.

Introduction to Xvfb and its Features

Xvfb offers an X server that can run on machines without display hardware and without a physical input device. Simulates a dumb framebuffer using virtual memory. The main purpose of using this server was to test the server.

Other new applications have been found, including:

1. Testing clients at unusual depths and page settings

2. performing batch processing with Xvfb as the background rendering engine

3. load testing, as Help move X server to a new platform

4. provide a confidential way to run programs that do not really need server X but insist on having it anyway.

How to Install Xvfb on Ubuntu 20.04

Follow the steps below to get Xvfb on Ubuntu Linux VPS:

First, you need to install Xvfb with the following command:

$ sudo apt install xvfb

Now you need to download some browsers. You can download any browser, here I am downloading Firefox browser on the Ubuntu system.

Install Firefox on Ubuntu 20.04

Now we need to install Firefox, it is installed by default on most systems. But needs to be upgraded, so the Firefox browser on my system is also installed by default and only upgrades. Now run the following command in the Ubuntu terminal command to install:

$ sudo apt-get install firefox

Tutorial Use Xvfb on Ubuntu 20.04

Xvfb lets you run browsers/tests in the background without displaying their processing. Use the following syntax to run/test programs silently:

$ xvfb-run [options] [command]

For example, below I run Firefox using the Xvfb command below, it opens in the background and nothing appears on the screen.

$ xvfb-run firefox

To get more information about this command, you can use the help command with this command, run the following command to learn more about its use:

$ xvfb-run --help

How to Test Xvfb on Ubuntu Server

To check if Xvfb is installed or working properly, run the following command to check the status of the Xvfb process:

$ ps -ef | grep xvfb

The result shows that it is properly installing on the system, now you can use it without any problems.


Xvfb, also known as the X virtual frame buffer, lets you run programs silently in the background without displaying actual processing. It is useful to run the tests without opening an unrequited window. In this article, we present the method to install Xvfb on Ubuntu 20.04 (Linux operating system).

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