Tutorial Install Vivaldi Browser on RDP or Windows Server 2016, 2019, 2012 step by step. Vivaldi is one of the most popular browsers for Internet browsing. This browser is one of the opera browsers and its mission is to make sure that your browser matches your requirements. Vivaldi has various tools that allow you to customize it without installing different items. One of the reasons for the popularity of this software among users is the increase in search speed, which along with changeable settings has been able to meet the needs of many users. Join us to learn how to Install Vivaldi Browser on RDP 2016.

Introduction to Vivaldi Browser

Vivaldi is a new high-speed browser that has just entered the competitive world of browsers and is based on Chrome. The Vivaldi project aims to bring together the best features of Google Chrome and Opera in one browser. All the interesting and innovative features of Vivaldi that it has inherited from the previous two browsers are very useful and give the user an experience beyond simple web browsing. One of the new capabilities of the Vivaldi browser is the use of different colors in each tab, which helps to differentiate the tabs in this software. If the mouse is held on any tab, it is possible to view that page in a small way, and this method increases access to the required pages. Also, the user interface settings in the Vivaldi browser can be changed. Many web pages are customized or grouped in the Vivaldi browser.

Features of Vivaldi Browser

In this section, we want to mention some of Vivaldi’s important features. These features include:

1- Changes the location of the address bar (up or down), settings panel, and tabs tab.

2- Sets custom shortcuts.

3- Resizes the contents of the screen.

4- Taking notes in the browser environment.

5- Organizing pages with the possibility of grouping opened pages.

6- Displays tabs such as Windows tiles.

7- Support for a variety of web technologies.

8- Professional web browsing management without the need for multiple plugins.

Install Vivaldi Browser on RDP 2016

First, you should go to the Vivaldi website and download the Vivaldi browser. Click Download to download the file.

download vivaldi browser

In this step, we go to the place where we downloaded the file and double-click on the file.

Now we need to run the Vivaldi browser on the device. After double-clicking on the downloaded file, You should click Run.

how to install vivaldi

In the next window, click Accept and Install to agree to the Vivaldi service terms.

vivaldi term service agreement

Now you have to wait to finish the installation process.

vivakdi installing progress

When finished, the following window will open and you must click Continue to configuring Vivaldi.

start vivaldi on windows

In the next step, you can import the information of one of your favorite browsers to Vivaldi. Then click Continue.

configuring vivaldi

The next step is the Tracker and Ad Blocking settings. After selecting the desired option, click Continue.

how to configure vivaldi

In this step, in the window that opens, select the desired background color and click Continue.

how to select desired background color on vivaldi

Now you need to select the location of the tab bar you want and click Continue.

how to select the location of the tab bar on vivaldi

Eventually, you should click Finish.

tutorial install vivaldi on windows

You can now easily use Vivaldi browser.

vivaldi browser environment


In this article, we introduced the Vivaldi browser and its capabilities to you and explained how to download and install Vivaldi on RDP 2016 step by step.

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