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Tutorial Install Ubuntu 18.04 LTS on Windows 10

In this article we are going to teach you how you can install Ubuntu 18.04 LTS on Windows 10. so you are in the right place to catch your goal. We should mention that you have three ways to do this work and here we will try to teach you all of them. follow our instructions below.

Different Ways To Install Ubuntu 18.04 on Windows 10

We have three different ways to install Ubuntu 18.04 on Windows 10. So let’s analyze them together:

1- Install and run Ubuntu through a USB stick.

2- Install and run it on Windows 10 by a virtual machine.

3- Install and run Ubuntu by WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux).

Requirements to Install Ubuntu on Windows

– You should have a 64 bit operating system.

– Your Windows system should run a Windows 10 build 14393 or later editions.

Now, you can read and learn about how to install Ubuntu 18.04 LTS on Windows 10.

Install Ubuntu 18.04 on Windows through a USB stick

One way to install Ubuntu on windows operating system is through a USB stick. This way is very useful because you can feel the complete environment of Ubuntu system on your Windows and you are able to run it without any difficulties. You just need the Ubuntu ISO installation media, a USB drive and a software to make your USB bootable and write the ISO file on the stick. There are many online apps that can help you to make your driver bootable. We suggest you Rufus. But you can choose whatever you like.

First of all download the Ubuntu ISO file. Go to the official Ubuntu download page and get the file you need:


After downloading the related file and then downloading the Rufus app from the official page, to make it bootable, you can run your application and insert the USB stick. On Rufus official page, click on select and pick the ISO file of yours. Now set the partition scheme to MBR and target system to BIOS or UEFI. At the Format Option leave everything as default and click on start button:


You may come across a dialog box asking you to download some additional files. Click on yes to download the file and start the copying process of ISO. Then in the next box, select the write in ISO image mode and click ok. After passing this step successfully, click on close tab:

Install Ubuntu 18.04 on Windows through a USB stick

Now every time you mean to run Ubuntu simply plug in the USB before starting up your computer and it will boot up from your USB drive. Then you will reach the Ubuntu installation menu and select try Ubuntu.

Done! now you can run Ubuntu on your windows 10.

Install Ubuntu 18.04 on Windows by a Virtual Machine

At the previous section, we focused on installing Ubuntu by a USB drive and now we are going to find out how to install it through a virtual machine. We will use a virtualbox here, an Open-source virtual machine developed by Oracle.

First of all, you should go to the official virtualbox website and download the app from there, then install the app after downloading process:


Again, we will need an Ubuntu ISO file. As you learned in the previous part, you can download it from Ubuntu official download page. after completing the download process, launch the virtual box and select new from the task bar in the window.

Then you will see a new box. Give a name to your new virtual machine, you can set any name you want. we preferred Ubuntu. Set the type of system as Linux, choose the version as Ubuntu and click Next to continue. Now you should decide a specific amount of RAM and click Next. At the end, select the Radio box create a virtual hard disk now and select create:


In the next window, select VDI and click Next tab. After that choose Dynamically allocated and click on Next button. At final step set the size of your virtual hard drive and click on Create. On the left side of your virtualbox manager, you can see the name of virtual machine now. Now you should click Start and your VM is ready to run:

Install Ubuntu 18.04 on Windows by a Virtual Machine

Now, you should choose the Ubuntu ISO file and click add then choose the Ubuntu image and select Open. After all these steps, choose Start.

That’s it! Now Ubuntu will be launched on your Virtual Machine. After selecting your desired language, you have two options: you can try Ubuntu or you can install it:


Install Ubuntu 18.04 on windows by WSL

This part is the last option to install Ubuntu on Windows. Windows Subsystem for Linux or WSL is an environment which is created on Windows operating system and helps users to run the Linux environment on their Windows 10 or 11. it uses command line tools and other applications. we should mention that you can only run this system through the terminal on this way.

Now let’s see how we can a install Ubuntu using WSL. At the first step go to your Windows start menu search bar and type for Windows features, then select the one best fitting. Now select the option of turn windows features on or off and scroll down to the feature of Windows Subsystem for Linux. select this one and click ok:

Install Ubuntu 18.04 on windows by WSL

By this action windows will start to install WSL features. When you are finished, reboot your system. Then run the command prompt. Now you can search cmd on start menu bar then select the best match and type bash and press enter.

Your next step is to install Ubuntu environment on your windows so go to When you entered the URL on address bar. Now you are at the Microsoft store. At this part, you will see a host of different Linux distribution that you can run beside your Windows operating system.

Click on Ubuntu then click on Get tab and start installing. When finished, click launch:

Install Ubuntu 18.04 on windows by WSL


Install Ubuntu 18.04 on windows by WSL

There appear a new window and the Ubuntu installation will begin in WSL. Wait for it to complete, then you will be asked to set a username and at the next level set a password. when you finished all the processes, Ubuntu will be setup:

Install Ubuntu 18.04 on windows by WSL



Note: If you want to update your Ubuntu system, you can run the following command:

sudo apt update

That’s it. Now you can run Ubuntu system on your windows and access the command line whenever you want.


In this tutorial, we taught how you can install Ubuntu 18.04 LTS on Windows 10. We tried to explain three ways for this process. Now you can easily install and use it on your windows operating system. We introduced you the easiest instructions and hope you have no problem during installation process. As you desire you can share your ideas with us.

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