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Tutorial Install SSL on Windows RDP

You’ve probably noticed by now that URLs on the Internet start with the two prefixes HTTP and HTTPS! This is more common on websites that contain forms for posting information. But what is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS? The difference between these addresses is whether or not to use an SSL certificate. Additional S means that the website is secure and encrypted and the information you exchange with it will only remain between you and the website. In this article, we are going to teach you How to Install SSL on Windows RDP Server.

What is SSL?

SSL is a security technology for encrypting information sent from the browser to the server. This term stands for Secure Socket Layer. The main function of this certificate is to encrypt the information sent from the user’s browser.

When you enter a page that contains a form, after you complete the form and press the submit button, if that page does not have an SSL certificate, all the information you have entered in the form will be visible to hackers. But when you visit a website that is encrypted with SSL, your browser checks the SSL certificate and establishes a really secure connection between the browser and the server. In this case, no one but you and the website to which you submit your information can access what you type in your browser or view that information in any way.

What are the Benefits of using SSL?

The main benefits of using SSL are listed below:

1_ Increase Information Security: In order to protect users’ personal information, it is better to respect your audience and receive this certificate.

2_ Increase User Trust: Because non-SSL websites are tagged as Not Secure, this can make it difficult for users to easily trust your website. Especially when they want to buy products. So it is better to enable SSL for your website to increase their trust.

3_ Improving Website SEO: The security of users’ information is important to Google, so using an SSL certificate in your website SEO is effective. Because Google is paying attention to this certificate and has officially recommended that you use it. Therefore, using this certificate can improve your position in search results.

4_ Require for Receiving a Direct Payment Gateway: To receive a direct payment gateway from banks, your website must have a two-star symbol. SSL is also required to receive the two-star symbol. So if you are thinking of getting a direct gateway, first get the SSL protocol.

How to Install SSL on Windows RDP

To Install SSL on Windows RDP, just follow the steps below.

First type Administrative Tools in the Start menu and select Internet Information Services Manager (IIS) after opening the Administrative Tools window.

In this step, you have to click on your server’s hostname on the left side of the Connections pane.

You will see various options for your server in the middle. Then you have to Double-click on the Server Certificates icon.

Server Certificates icon-ssl

On the right pane of the window in the Actions section, click Complete Certificate Request.

Complete Certificate Request-ssl

Now to go to the .cer certificate file that you received from your Certificate Authority (CA), you need to click on the three dots (…) on the Specify Certificate Authority Response page.

At this stage, you must name your certificate and refer to it and select the appropriate certificate store.

appropriate certificate store-ssl

Now you must click on OK.

You should go back to IIS Manager and expand your server name on the left pane. Then expand the sites and select the desired website to install the SSL certificate.

Then click on Bindings … in the Actions pane on the right side of the window.

Bindings-ssl on iis manager - Install SSL on Windows RDP

After opening the window, first, click on HTTPS and then edit.

site bindings-ssl - Install SSL on Windows RDP

In this step, from the Edit Site Binding window, select the SSL certificate with the name of your choice.

add site binding-ssl - Install SSL on Windows RDP

You have to click OK again.

If you want to check the new SSL expiration date and verify its installation, go to the SSL Checker tool.


This article introduces SSL and lists the benefits of using it. Here’s how to install SSL on Windows RDP. With the help of our tutorials, you can easily install it.

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