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How To Install SSH On Linux Mint

SSH stands for Secure Shell, which allows users to securely access remote computers over an insecure network connection. This means that you can log in to a computer without having to worry about someone else being able to see your password. In this tutorial you will learn about how to install SSH on Linux Mint.

The first thing you have to do after installing an operating system is to activate SSH on your system, because it provides an encrypted network protocol to safeguard client logins and remote server. In this way you can access the device remotely and ensure the security of the operation.

What Is SSH?

Secure Shell Protocol or as you know it SSH is a free, network communication protocol and also is used for transmitting data between computers through the internet. Old methods like Telnet are unsafe and not this much capable. SSH provides you a secure route on unsecured networks. you can also use it to communicate with Unix-like operating systems. however, you can use it on windows as well. For a secure connection, both client and remote server connection should have SSH installed and enabled.

TOP 6 SSH Features – Article Install SSH On Linux Mint

In this section, we are going to mention some prominent features of this protocol:

1- Access control

2- Secure communication between users

3- Secure remote command execution

4- Secure remote login

5- Secure file transfer

6- Port forwarding

Install SSH On Linux Mint

Now that you are familiar with this protocol, let’s see how to you can install it on your Linux VPS server. The following command on the terminal will help you to install the OpenSSH server:

sudo apt install openssh-server

Note: before you start the installation make sure the Linux Mint server is up to date.

Now, SSH should start automatically on your system startup. But if you want to be sure of the installation, you can use the following command:

sudo systemctl is-enabled ssh

Enable ssh in linux mint

If you see “enabled” on your terminal then your installation is successful and it will run when the computer boots. But if it is disabled or if the status shows inactive, use the command below:

sudo systemctl enable ssh

Connecting to SSH Server After Install ssh server

When you install and enable SSH, you can easily and safely connect to remote system, server or another computer. Keep in mind that you should enable it on both ends.

First of all, you should have an internal or external IP address or Hostname and also the username of the account we’re going to connect. Now use the SSH command for connection:

ssh username@ip-address/hostname

After the connection, you will receive the following massage:


Then you should type Yes and then enter Password, when it’s done press the Enter Key.

Allow SSH Connection On Firewall

There may be a time when firewall restricts you from using the connection between the client and server. If you want to solve this problem, use this command below:

sudo ufw allow ssh

Then if you want to activate the firewall again, use:

sudo ufw enable

For refreshing the newly made setting in order to implement them, use:

sudo ufw reload

Well done! now you can use SSH protocol for your connections and stay safe.

Note: You can also use Putty to connect Linux VPS.


In this tutorial, we tried to discuss deeply about how to install SSH on your Linux Mint server. This protocol is used by OpenSSH, which is free version of the secure shell protocol. It is not installed as default but it’s necessary so enable it. SSH is a good way to safeguard your connection. Upon the instructions we mentioned here, the SSH will be activated automatically when your system boots up.

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