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Using screen readers can play a key role in interacting with computer devices for the blind, visually impaired, and even the illiterate. Nevertheless, even those who possess unimpaired vision and reading abilities can reap the advantages of utilizing this software to convert textual content into audio. By employing the Screen Reader, one can effortlessly analyze and transform content into either synthesized human speech or content that is compatible with Braille displays. The primary emphasis of this article centers around the process of install Screen Reader on Admin RDP. Please continue reading for further instructions.

Introduction to Screen Reader

The Screen Reader software is designed to cater to a wide range of needs, supporting popular applications including web browsers, email clients, web chat programs, office suite applications, and virtual servers on Windows Server. Furthermore, its text-to-speech engine is equipped to handle over 80 languages, ensuring a comprehensive user experience. Not only does it announce the text formatting details such as font name, size, writing style, and even spelling errors, but it also goes the extra mile by automatically vocalizing the text beneath the mouse cursor. And if that wasn’t enough, it even provides auditory feedback to indicate the precise position of the mouse upon the user’s request.

Install Screen Reader on Admin RDP

To ensure a successful installation of Screen Reader to Admin RDP, follow the following steps:

1. Begin by typing “Remote Desktop” in the WIN field and hitting Enter.

2. In the resulting window, proceed to enter the IP address of your server and click on the Connect button.

3. If you have recently installed VPS, after logging in, you will gain access to your desktop, which will display all available icons on your Windows server.

4. Now, in order to enable sound, press WIN+R to open the run dialog. This is necessary because the sound is disabled by default in the Windows server.

5. In the Run dialog, type “cmd” and press Enter. By following these steps, you will successfully install Screen Reader to Admin RDP.

run window

In this step, you have to type the following command and then press Enter.

net start audiosrv
install screen reader on rdp

It’s important to keep in mind that the previously mentioned methods do not automatically start the audio service during Windows startup. To address this, follow the steps provided below.

How to enable the narrator on Admin RDP

To activate Windows Narrator, revisit the Remote Desktop on Windows guide. Microsoft Windows Narrator is a program available on Windows Server that facilitates screen reading for individuals with visual impairments. Typically, blind users navigate using keyboard inputs rather than a mouse. They rely on keystrokes like ALT+TAB to switch between open windows.

First Method:

The first way to enable Microsoft Windows Narrator is simple. If you use Windows Server 2012 or 2016, you should turn on Narrator by pressing CTRL+WIN+ALT at the same time.

Because this method does not always work, you can use the following method to enable Microsoft Windows Narrator.

Second Method:

Now you have to press WIN+R again to open the run dialog. Then you should type narrator into the run dialog, and then press Enter. You will only hear the sound of the Narrator speaking if your sound is on.

narrator setting from run windows


narrator settings - Install Screen Reader on Admin RDP

If you plan to permanently use the screen reader on your server, you will need to configure the audio service to start automatically. We need the audio service to start automatically when the server starts up because for a blind user, using audio is the only way to communicate with the system.

Now you should open the run dialog again and type services.msc and press enter.

setup Screen Reader - Install Screen Reader on Admin RDP

Upon executing the steps, you will come across a prompt that states: “You are in a tree view.” To navigate through the services, simply press the TAB key and utilize the arrow keys.

Install Screen Reader on Admin RDP

You should continue pressing w until you hear the Windows audio services and then press Enter. If the setting is configured as manual, you can modify it by pressing the up and down arrow keys. After hearing ”automatic”, press Enter. Now you can close the dialog box.


In this article, we explained the importance of a screen reader for blind people and also enumerated its features. Using this article, you can easily install and setup Screen Reader on Admin Remote Desktop.

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