Tutorial How to Install Photoshop on Admin RDP step by step. Photoshop is one of the most popular graphic software that is using to edit, reconstruct and make changes to images within spaces and different color models such as RGB, CMYK, black and white, and so on. This software can run on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems through interface software. Activating and installing Photoshop is done in several ways for each of these operating systems in several ways. Photoshop software is a graphic software product of Adobe. The features, speed and AI of Photoshop have been greatly improved in the new versions.

What is Photoshop?

Photoshop software is a professional editor that every person who works in the field of graphics and even animation, needs to use this software. As we mentioned above, Photoshop software can deal with color modes such as Bit Map, Lab, etc. You can do everything with Photoshop from the simplest personal tasks to the most complex graphic tasks.

With the help of tools and plugins of this software, it is possible to produce things that are not real at all, but look completely natural. The preliminary design of website templates is another important activity that can be done with Photoshop software. With the useful tools of Photoshop, you can design a site template and then convert it to code. In addition, banners displayed for advertising specific products or services on websites and blogs are mostly made in Photoshop.

Uses of Photoshop

In general, the uses of Photoshop can be mentioned as follows:

– Edit images

– Puts different effects on images

– Modify and improve the color of images

– Combines images with each other

– Website template design

– Banner and advertising poster design

– Tract and business card design

– Magazine cover design

– Movie subtitles

How to Install Photoshop on Admin RDP

At first, You must sign in to your Creative Cloud account, but if you do not have one, sign up.

After signing in to your account, now you can download the Photoshop program from the Creative Cloud website. Just click Download.

Note: First you have to buy Photoshop, then download it.

how to download photoshop on admin rdp

Now you have to double-click on the downloaded file to start the installation progress.

At this point, just follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation of Photoshop. So in the window that opens, select the language you want and click Continue.

installing photoshop on windows server

Wait a moment for Photoshop to finish. Finally, click Close.

how to install photoshop on windows server

How to Run Photoshop on RDP Admin Server

After installing Photoshop, you can run it by clicking on its icon on the desktop or Start menu. In the image below, you can see the Photoshop environment:

photoshop program environment


In this article, we introduced you to Photoshop and its uses. We also tried to teach you how to install Photoshop on admin RDP. Using the above tutorial, you can easily install Photoshop.

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