You do not have to use an Android phone or even a tablet to run Android apps and games. Over the years, several Android emulators have developing for desktop systems, eliminating this need. While searching to download an Android emulator, you will encounter several options. One of the best is the Gameloop software. In this article, we want to teach you how to install Gameloop on Windows Server.

What is Gameloop? 

PC GameLoop is an emulator software specifically designed to help gamers from around the world play Android games on their Windows computers. This simulator software was created by Tencent company. As you can guess from the name of the game loop software, it is optimized for running Android games and is one of the best options for gamers. Compared to similar Windows applications, the most important advantage of the GameLoop program is that it has a small volume and low consumption of processing resources, despite the high power in running Android games and applications.

Gameloop Features

Important features of Gameloop include:

– Using a fast and efficient simulator engine with very high performance

– Compatibility and support for all Android games available in the Android Market

– Optimal use of your desktop or laptop system hardware

– Provides strong controls for running simple and smooth Android games

– Ability to run online and multiplayer games

– Compatibility with Windows 7 and later (Windows 7, 8, and 10, and Windows server)

How to Install Gameloop on Windows Server

After getting acquainted with Gameloop and its features, we are going to teach you to step by step how to install Gameloop on Windows Server. First, you should go to the Gameloop website and download Gameloop.

how to Download Gameloop

Now go to the downloads folder and double-click on the downloaded file.

In this step, click Install on the window below.

how to install Gameloop

Now you have to wait a few minutes to finish the installation of Gameloop.

downloading Gameloop on windows server

After the installation finished, you should click Start to enter Gameloop software.

how to start Gameloop

How to Install Games on Gameloop

After you have been able to install Gameloop according to the above steps, now we want to run it. Then we will explain how to install Games on Gameloop. You can see the Gameloop homepage, below:

how to use gameloop on windows server

In the first stage, go to the directory where Gameloop is installing. You will find an application, Android Emulator. You must double-click on this file. Install the ES File Explorer in Gameloop Emulator then Setup The Files.

In the next step after installation, you have to return to the main page of the simulator.

Now it’s time to follow the steps below to install the PUBG Mobile APK:

1. Go to the directory folder.

2. Open the data folder and then open the Share folder.

3. Click on the PUBG Mobile APK file and install it.

4. Finally, you can start playing games


This article is for gamers around the world and discusses how to install Gameloop on Windows Server. With Gameloop emulator software, you can easily run Android games on your Windows PC. You can install Gameloop on your device after following the tutorials in this article.

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