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Tutorial how to install Cowsay Linux Command

Cowsay is a program that can generate ASCII art pictures of a cow with a message. Also generate images using pre-made images of other animals, such as Tux the Penguin, the mascot of Linux. You can fully learn how to install Cowsay Linux Command after reading this article. Therefore, we suggest you to stay with us until the end.

Introduction to Cowsay

Cowsay is written in Perl. It also includes programs called Cow Thinking where cows have thought bubbles instead of speech bubbles. There are .cow files for Cowsay, which are able to generate different types of “cows”, with different types of “eyes”, etc. Used in IRC, desktop screenshots, and software documentation, this is more or less a term in hacker culture. If you want to prevent interpolation, you should reduplicate any backslashes.. Also, at-signs (”@”) must be backslashed because that is what Perl 5 expects.

Cowsay Features

Cowsay has the ability to show a customizable massage through a Cow image. It comes with various options to help to customize the Cow image and speech bubble and let the user use different types of speech bubbles like a Cow head, a speech bubble with a border, or a Think bubble. It provides quick information and debug information.

Installing Cowsay Linux Command

Before starting the installation process, we suggest that if you have not yet purchased a VPS server or if you are dissatisfied with its quality, purchase and use the Linux VPS server plans provided on our website.

You can install cowsay using the following command:

sudo dnf install cowsay

After running the command, call it with cowsay and then your message:

fortune | cowsay

Cowsay has been shipped with a few changes to the name cow files, which are usually found in /usr/share/cowsay. Use the -l flag after cowsay to see the cow file options available on the system. Also use the -f flag:

cowsay -f dragon "Run for cover, I feel a sneeze coming on."

As you installed Cowsay, when you run a playbook you will get your output from a series of cows. For example, run the playbook using the following command:

- hosts:
    - localhost
    - action: ping

After executing the command of the playbook, the following items will be displayed to you:

ansible-playbook playbook.yml

Cowsay is accessible under the GPLv3 license and you can find the Perl source code on GitHub. There are also versions floating in other languages, see the rest of the sections for other variants. There is one in R, for example. Implementing a version in your language of choice might even be a fun thing to learn programming.


We have explained the steps required for installation in order. When working with Linux, playing with Cowsay is an option. This tool also allows you to create different exploratory art and define which message and state of mind they should convey. In this article, you learned how to install Cowsay Linux Command. We hope you find this article useful. You can Share your comments with us via the form below.


Are there any additional packages for Cowsay?

No, it doesn’t have any additional dependencies.

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