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Two Simple Methods to Get Free VPS

Today’s world offers many possibilities related to technology. One of these remarkable technologies is VPS servers. These servers are very practical and have provided many possibilities for users and business owners. This has caused various companies and sites to appear in this field and provide various services related to Virtual servers. Our website is also one of these providers, which in turn, with the help of a professional team, tries to provide Windows VPS or Linux VPS servers with the most up-to-date facilities for its users. NeuronVM aims to provide services and wants to be one of the best providers that keep its users satisfied in all aspects. The good news is that you can get free VPS servers using a few simple methods. So, stay with us until the end of this article.

What is VPS?

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a type of hosting service that combines the affordability of shared hosting with the control and flexibility of a dedicated server. It’s a popular choice for individuals, businesses, and developers who require more control over their hosting environment than what shared hosting can offer.

To explain more clearly, VPS is a virtual server. Physical servers are divided into several virtual servers using virtualization technology. Each virtual server operates independently and has its own resources including CPU, RAM, storage, and operating system. These virtual servers are isolated from each other, which means that performance or problems on one VPS will not affect other similar physical servers.

What Is VPS?

Tip: You can get more information by reading different articles about VPS services and How to install VPS on the NeuronVM blog.

How You Can Get a Free VPS Server?

Getting a free VPS (Virtual Private Server) can be challenging, But, there are a few hosting providers that offer free VPS hosting. One of these providers is NeuronVM. Here are two ways you can potentially get a VPS server.

Getting Free Linux VPS Through Subscribing and Following

A Linux Virtual Private Server is a virtualized server running a Linux-based operating system. It provides users with a dedicated portion of a physical server’s resources, such as CPU, RAM, and storage, while still sharing the underlying hardware with other VPS instances on the same physical server. Linux VPS hosting is a popular choice for individuals and businesses looking for a cost-effective and flexible hosting solution.

You can even use a Linux VPS hosting server just for a personal blog dedicated to your hobbies. Or if you are looking to design and develop a website for your business, a Linux virtual server will be suitable for you. People who have high traffic on the site or businesses that want more customization and development can benefit from these servers.

Now, you can use NeuronVM’s free Linux VPS service to test speed and exceptional services without paying any money. All you have to do is refer to the YouTube channel and subscribe to it. Then introduce our page to 10 people so that you can benefit from our free Linux VPS servers for one month. So don’t waste your time and get your VPS!

methods to get free VPS

Getting Free Linux and Windows VPS Through Social Media

There is another way you can get free Linux or Windows VPS. There are providers who claim to offer virtual servers, but this is challenging. Caution should be exercised as many of these attractive offers may come with restrictions or hidden fees. This is the only NeuronVM site to get a free one-month Linux VPS and Windows VPS subscription in a simple way:

To get free Linux VPS or Windows VPS services, you can simply follow and subscribe to our Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook pages at the same time. Then take advantage of the updated servers and services provided with them.

Some Significant Benefits of Using Free VPS

Using a free Virtual Private Server (VPS) can offer several benefits, especially for individuals or small businesses with limited budgets. However, it’s essential to be aware of the limitations and potential risks associated with free VPS services. Here are some significant benefits:

  • The most obvious advantage is that free VPS hosting requires no initial or ongoing financial commitment. so it is affordable.
  • Free VPS hosting provides a great platform to learn and experiment. You can practice server administration, web development, and other IT skills without the risk of losing money if something goes wrong.
  • This hosting service can be used to create testing and staging environments for your web applications. This helps you identify and fix problems
  • Web developers can use free VPS instances to develop and test websites and applications before launching them on a production server.
  • Free VPS services can use as an additional backup location for important data. You can also use it as temporary storage for large files.
  • If you have a low-traffic website or blog, This Server can be enough to host your content without the need for paid hosting plans.
  • If you have personal websites, blogs, or applications that do not generate significant traffic, a free VPS can be a good choice.


In summary, free VPS hosting can be a viable option for specific use cases, but it is essential to assess your needs and consider the limitations. It is also necessary to invest time and effort in managing and securing your server effectively. For critical or high-traffic projects, a paid VPS or cloud hosting service with better resources and support is usually a more reliable choice. This article was prepared to inform you about the free services provided by the NeuronVM website. GoodLuck!

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