Tutorial Change Password on RDP 2016, 2012, 2019 step by step. One of the security measures after purchasing an admin RDP VPS server is changing its password. You may want to change the password on your Windows server for security reasons. Changing the Windows server password is not a difficult task and you can change your password on Windows servers with a few simple steps. Join us with How to Change Password on RDP 2016.

Importance of changing RDP 2016 password

Because AD Administrator is a very powerful user for Active Directory and you can restrict or open features to other users and computers, install or remove programs, and you can turn off any member computer using Admin. So you need to keep the AD Administrator user in a safe place.

You may also sometimes need to change the Administrator password or other users that connect to the server via Remote Desktop Connection. You may want to do this for added security.

Changing your password is important because when you use Windows as a server, you must use secure passwords so that you do not have security problems and no one can hack your server. It should be noted that you can change your RDP 2016 password at any time.

first method: Change Password on RDP 2016

You can change the passwords of the domain users by using the following method. The first step is to log in to the Domain Controller and open the Server Manager.

In the next step, you have to click Tools from the Server Manager and then click Active Directory Users and Computers.

Active Directory Users and Computers

At this point, after opening Active Directory Users and Computers, go to the AD container where the user is. Now you need to right-click on the user and click Reset Password.

how to reset password from active directory

In this field, you must type the password in the New password field. Then type the same password in the password confirmation field. In order not to force the user to change the password when they log in, the box next to “User must change the password on the next login” must be unchecked. If you want to unlock a locked account, you should check the unlock the user’s account box.
Finally, click on OK.

how to Change Password on RDP 2016

How to Change RDP 2016 password through the control panel

First, type “user accounts” in the search field from the Start menu of your Windows server. Then click on it.

user accounts

After opening the User Accounts window, click on the manage another account option as shown below.

manage another account on windows server

Note: This operation must be done with users who have admin access.
On the opened page, the list of users on your server can be seen. By default, the Administrator user is the entire server with full access.
Please click on the desired username.

change rdp password using control panel

After selecting the desired user in the window that opens, click on change the password.

how to change rdp password using control panel

In the Current password field, enter the current server password. Then you have to consider a new password for your server in the New Password section. Enter the new password again in the Confirm new password field.

Finally, click on change password.

tutorial change rdp 2016 password using control panel

Now the password of RDP 2016 has changed and you can use your new password in the next logins. Be sure to use strong passwords and change your password at short intervals.

Second method: Changing the password in RDP 2016 through server settings

First, login to the server directly or using Remote Desktop before starting.

Changing the password in RDP 2016 through server settings

Then press the Windows key+i or enter the settings section through the Windows menu.

Changing the password in RDP 2016 through server settings

Go to the Accounts section and open the Sign-in options.

Changing the password in RDP 2016 through server settings

Then go to the Password section and click on Change.

Changing the password in RDP 2016 through server settings

Now enter the current password and click Next.

Changing the password in RDP 2016 through server settings

Then enter and confirm the new password.

Changing the password in RDP 2016 through server settings

Password has now been successfully changed.


In this article, we taught you how to change the password on RDP 2016 using two methods and also explained the reason for changing the password. You can easily change your password by following the description above.

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