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A Full Introduction to CWP

CWP or Control Web Panel is an application software for server management in Linux systems, which was previously known as a Linux panel. This system has many features for managing servers, which makes learning easy for beginners who don’t have much experience in using the command line. So, here we will analyze and try to give a full introduction to CWP.

What is CWP?

As we mentioned before, CWP is a management system that is created for Linux distributions specifically AlmaLinux. It is produced to allow users to manage, edit, and maintain website content without requiring advanced technical knowledge. This control panel has a simple and understandable area where the navigation menu is in the form of a sidebar with other subsections. We suggest that you choose and buy from the cheap but high-quality Linux VPS server plans offered on our website to set up the CWP control panel.

The dashboard is like the image below:

cwp dashboard

Important Features of CWP

CentOS Web Hosting servers or the CWP has many features. In this section, we try to analyze the most notable ones for you:

– CWP is equipped with user-advanced features and makes it possible to easily manage websites with modern and advanced user interfaces.

– This control panel provides complete support for the automation of processes. You can set a billing software to help with the creation of user accounts or run user backups or cronjobs, etc.

– It contains a powerful file manager. Also, you can manage FTP users and user limits with CWP.

– The advanced file manager is equipping with a code editor that makes it easy to manage your websites.

– This control panel contains many security and safety features that are dedicating to you. These security functions are integrating into CWP:

cwp security

– CWP has several monitoring tools. These tools are NetData, Live monitoring of MySQL process, an AI bot, and so on.

– An advanced backup system with daily, weakly, and monthly backup options in all fields.

– CWP helps you configure client packages and service plans so easily.

– Multiple billing systems are supporting by CWP. These systems are WHMCS, Hostbill, Wisecp, and Blesta.

What Is the difference between Free and CWPpro?

As the name suggests, you can get the free version of CWP and use it without any payment, but it has features that require a premium version. These features are:

– The ability to create unlimited CWP users

– Having sales agents

– Immediate update of CWP and ModeSecutity

– Using multiple versions of PHP simultaneously

– Migration tools for Cpanel

– Providing additional system security solutions

Note that, these are all for use in the CWP interface and you can log into the terminal to update the software or install your web security.


This article is prepared to introduction to CWP or Control Web Panel and makes a clear understanding of it for you. By studying the features and analyzing this control panel, you can see how useful and applicable is CWP. We hope you enjoyed the content.


How secure is CWP

The security in this control panel depends on various factors like implementation, authentication mechanisms, regular updates, and secure coding practices that are completely effective in this field.

Cpanel or CWP; Which one is better?

CWP provides a completely free package, whereas, Cpanel is a paid version.

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