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5 Reasons To Choose VDI Over VMware

In this article, we will analyze VDI tool and explain 5 reasons why you should choose it over VMware. VDI serves a centralized server to host desktop environment and helps spread them to an end user depends on request. But what is exactly the VDI and what are the benefits of that on a VPS server. let’s analyze together.

What is VDI And How Dose It Work?

VDI or virtual desktop infrastructure is a technology that shows the use of virtual machines to provide and manage virtual desktops. It is a kind of desktop virtualization cause specific desktop images to run within virtual machines and receiving by end-clients over a network. When we talk about end-clients it can be PCs or other devices.

What Are the Types of VDI Virtualization?

We have two kinds of VDI virtualization: Persistent VDI and Non-persistent VDI. Each type offers different benefits:

At this type (Persistent VDI), user connection is done on the same desktop each time and users have the ability to customize the desktop for their needs because changes can be saved even after the connection is reset. Or if we want to explain in simple form, desktop in a persistent VDI environment behave exactly like personal physical desktops.

The other type, is non-persistent VDI. At this type, users connect to public desktops and there would be no saving possibility for changes. It’s usually cheaper and simpler because there is no need to maintain customized desktops between sessions. non-persistent VDI often is useful for organizations with a large number of employees and specially the ones that don’t need to customize desktops.

Reasons To Choose VDI Over VMware

In the continuation of this article, we are going to explain the advantages of VDI over a popular hypervisor which is calling VMware.

1. You Can Access Any Device

I think it is a really good point that through VDI we don’t have to think about devices that users want. It is an ideal solution cause allow users and employees to use their own devices, since, processing is done on a centralized and single server. As the result VDI allows to use of a wider range of devices. So don’t care about the type of device users have.

2. You Don’t Need to Buy More Hardware

As the act of processing is done on the server, the hardware requirements for end users and devices are much lower. It is a good advantage and users have access to their virtual desktops from thin clients, older devices, even tablets and reduce the need for IT to purchase new and expensive hardware.

3. You Don’t Need to Worry About Security

Security has always been an important issue specially for IT teams, where end users use personal devices to access company data or systems. VDI acts in a way that device security-level becomes less important as the user connects a corporate desktop remotely, the desktop which IT configures for strict security requirements. So as you notice, a PC becomes a thin client as all activity takes place in the data center and all controls and the corporate security systems are in place.

4. You Can Save Money By Reducing Energy Costs

Companies that care about cost saving are looking for VDI because they realized that the extra storage they needed in on-premises data centers offset the potential efficiency gains from not having fat clients. But considering that today many users prefer cloud desktop virtualization and many use smartphones and devices to access it, Virtual Desktop Infrastructures has become much more affordable.

Companies using the cloud pay only for their usage and do not have to maintain the VDI infrastructure. Also, because they do not require a lot of storage space on end-user devices, business can extend the life of company devices and save on hardware purchases.

5. You Can Reduce IT Staffing Needs

Providing desktops through VDI reduces the time needed to provision new desktops. With a quick and easy setup, VDI reduces the time of IT team and support costs. This virtualization also helps IT managers optimize and reduce their IT costs. We should mention that if you want to purchase and upgrade hardware for remote employees you will pay a lot, but since the virtual desktop can be accessed from any device, it can really helps to reduce costs in this area.


In this tutorial, we tried to clarify VDI virtualization and analyzed 5 reasons to choose VDI over VMware. As you notice VDI is really useful which reduce your costs significantly. If you have any other opinion please let me know. Enjoy your reading.

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