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14 Best WordPress Cache Plugins in 2023

Caching is a really complex part of WordPress. Even if the easiest-to-use caching plugins aren’t that much straightforward. We will analyze caching plugins and look forward to seeing how we can speed up our websites. By reading this post, you can get to know the 14 Best WordPress Cache Plugins in 2023 and make the best choice among them.

What is WordPress Cache Plugin?

If you are entering a website for the first time, you may have to wait a bit. But if it is a site that you visit regularly, you will notice that the site load quickly.

You should know that the cache memory is the main cause of this action. Cache memory is a way to store data in the context of temporary storage for the future. In this way, it copies and saves your files. Then WordPress uses the cached copy and makes the cache loading much faster. So as you noticed, caching has an obvious effect on the performance of the website. It is a key technique to improve functionality and reduce load page time.

Best WordPress Caching Plugins (2023)

Here, we tried to choose the 14 best WordPress cache plugins that can increase your WordPress website speed. We suggest that you choose the Windows VPS servers provided on the NeuronVM website to launch your WordPress website.

1- WP Rocket

One of the most popular cache plugins is WP rocket, which is used by 900000 websites like Beaver Builder. This program is popular because of its one-hassle click configuration and is suitable for all users. The best feature of this plugin is its beautiful interface:

1- WP Rocket

Other options can be like this:

– fully supported Woocommerce without the need for additional configuration

– Lazy loading feature. That is you can download images only when needed

– Ability to activate the cash automatically after installing the plugin.

WP Rocket is a premium plugin, so there is no free or limited version of it for testing. But the good news is that it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for you.

2- WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache is a really popular cache plugin with more than 2 million installs. As you are supported by Automattic ( fame), you can be sure that the development is top-notch. Also, it contains everything you need in a caching plugin. Although it doesn’t have a user interface as beautiful as WP Rocket, it is still a great plugin for you. The negative point is that there is no supporting option for this plugin. This great plugin is compatible with most WordPress configurations:

2- WP Super Cache

3- WP Fastest Cache

Fastest Cache is one of the famous plugins for WordPress. it is a free speed-up plugin and is my favorite. A user-friendly and simple plugin. it does its job really well. There are no thrills on this cache plugin and works out without any hassle. The negative point is that the user interface is not intuitive:

3- WP Fastest Cache

Best WordPress Cache Plugins

4- WP-Optimize

Initially, wp-optimize was created as a plugin for cleaning and optimizing the database, but then it became a comprehensive WordPress performance plugin. In our opinion, optimize has many features that make it one of the best cache plugins. Features like site optimization, compressing your image, and caching your website. the only disadvantage is that multisite support is locked out to the premium version. So it is a great performance plugin:

4- WP Optimize

5- Hummingbird

Hummingbird is a new member of the WordPress caching market. It is a reliable plugin with 24-hour support and frequent updates. One of the main features is the ability to scan repair. you can perform a one-click scan to automatically fix problems. The only problem is that Hummingbird is a little bit complicated and you can’t recognize what to use and not use:

5- Hammingbird

6- 10Web Booster

This plugin is a speed optimization service to improve the performance of any website. 10Web Booster enhances visitors’ user experience, engagement, SEO, and conversion rates. It works on desktop and mobile versions of websites with any complexity. You can get a higher rank on Google, grow your business, and increase conversions. It is a free speed boost plugin for WordPress.

It is easy to use and can take your site a 90+ score in pageSpeed. Also, utilizes Cloudflare CDN to boost speed and uses techniques like optimizing CSS, lazy loading videos and iframes, and minifying files. The negative point is that it needs your domain name to Cloudflare CDN:

10Web Booster cache plugin

7- Swift Performance

When this plugin was created, it attracts a lot of attention and was liked by users, and also appeared everywhere. Of course, it also included some negative points. For example, it was removed from the repository for a short time. But now it is a stable cache plugin.

This tool provides an option called Plugin Organizer, so that you can disable plugins on individual pages and enables them if necessary. Keep in mind that plugin creators should only activate their plugins when needed. The disadvantage of this plugin is the lack of support:

7- Swift Performance

Best WordPress Cache Plugins

8- Litespeed Cache

Litespeed Cache is different from others because it has unique features as it works on all different hosts. It is a server-based technology. The direct integration of Cloudflare makes this a caching plugin you have to consider. But it can be confusing for some users why you should have certain server specifications to make use of the plugin. This is one of the most favorite caching plugins:

8- Litespeed Cache

9- Comet Cache

This plugin is replaced by Zencache, which improved with the collection of new features and functions. But actually, it is compatible with the WordPress command line interface. Comet cache has a one-click start-up process and comes with a range of advanced functionality. The pro version has even more advanced functions. it is an easy-to-use plugin. The user interface uses heavy text descriptions that may be sometimes boring for users:

9- Comet Cache  - Best WordPress Cache Plugins

10- Cache Enabler

Cache Enabler is another WordPress cache plugin which is created by the KeyCDN team. One of the best features of this plugin is that you need an additional Optimus and cache enabler which both can enable your png. or jpg. images to serve in Webp format without needing conversion. The negative point is that there is no browser caching and also another problem is the lack of support:

10- Cache Enabler   - Best WordPress Cache Plugins

11- W3 Total Cache

W3 total cache is another speed booster plugin. It has over 1 million active installs. actually, there was a bad impression when it wasn’t updated for a month. It has lots of features and is a familiar name in WordPress. This plugin only going to keep improving. The disadvantage of W3 total cache is that the pro version is confusing for users:

W3 Total Cache

12- Breeze

This WordPress caching plugin is used by the folks at Cloudways Hosting and works with all hosting providers. you don’t have to use Cloudways to use Breeze. It is easy to use and simple and sets everything well. There is no unique functionality but it works well. again there is a lack of support. Another option is that it is a no-thrills plugin:

12- Breeze  - Best WordPress Cache Plugins

13- Cachify

This caching plugin is a little bit different. It is run by PluginKolletive which is a group of WordPress developers. The great option is, it’s the community approach taken to the plugin development. Cachify supports all server types and various caching methods. The plugin is always stable and as we mentioned a strong support option:

Cachify - Best WordPress Cache Plugins

14- Speed Up Browser- Caching

If you are looking for a simple and lightweight caching plugin, we recommend Speed Up Browser-caching. It is less than 10 KB. This plugin is not well-known and that installed just 1000 times at the time of writing. If you are just willing to have a simple plugin, this one is for you. The best part is that there is no configuration and you can just install and activate it:

14- Speed Up Browser- Caching - Best WordPress Cache Plugins


Here, we tried to introduce you to the best WordPress caching plugins for 2023. Using these plugins can help you in different ways and boost the speed of your site. So read the content carefully we hope it can help you. For any ideas or questions, just leave a comment.


Is it possible to use two cache plugin in WordPress?

You can use multiple plugins but it is not suggested cause it is confusing.

What is the recommended plugin number for WordPress?

It should not exceed more than 20 plugins.

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